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Las Vegas living lifestyle is hideous, there are overprices, bad weather, and bad education, claims Vegashater on

"Well, the few on here that come from other countries, and only for two days will love this place, it is a lot cheaper than Paris!, but those of us who live here actually hate it, and it is like living in Hell. Everything is way overpriced, the people are rude, the weather is miserable except for about one month out of the whole year, the traffic is out of control with possibly the worst drivers in the world. The entire place revolves around money. And every hustler in the country is here waiting to rip you off in some way, everyone's a sucker, and they know it. The and smut that fill the strip and downtown are nauseating!, You will never find a job here to pay you what you need in order to live here unless its run by grease balls or casinos. The place is a joke, and don't even get me started on how bad the damn education system is, oh but wait, let's take more money from that budget and give to the strip bars who have lights going on, so they don't look dim on the strip...Yep! Believe it, folks, that's the great devil running Vegas, I'm finally leaving soon, and will never be back!"


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Abdul Latif says

"The Hotel we stayed one night that was so disgusting hotel ever in my life"

Patricia Prashak says

"I thought I was calling the hotel. I did not know that I was using a service that I would be charged 19.99 for. very unhappy about that. Will not do that again."

Gonzalo Lopez says

"Not honest about hidden charges, totally dissagree with third parties web pages, sometimes they charge you as much is the hotel cost, just find 30 min ago, the room and third party company they sai was 130 for 1 nigth, ended charged to my ccard 180 for a 1 nigth totally not happy"

Marco Sanchez says

"I wanna cancel order, have trouble contacting customer service."

Phillip Johnson says

"I booked a smoking room didn't get it and service was horrible and alot of cutting in line....that's not fair....very horrible"

Billy Campbell says

"I’m trying to correct an error on my
Order and no one will help me"

Lexie B says

"Booked the Plaza Hotel for 2 nights. Left after one night. Disappointed in the customer service. Got there and they could not find our reservation after about an hour of waiting they checked us in. Thought we could celebrate New Year downtown but you could not walk Fremont due to barricades they considered the Plaza not a downtown Fremont hotel. You could only be on Fremont if you stayed at another hotel on Fremont. Could not view fireworks every thing on the hotels website for watching the fireworks display and toasting the New Year was lies. We tried contacting but no answer. We would have cancelled the room but of course no one there to help with issues on cancellation"

Justin says

"I booked/paid for a room in full on for the first time, 2 days in advance of my Baecation. Then when I arrive in Vegas and go to check in, the hotel says they don’t have a reservation under my name even after showing my receipt and reservation/conformation number. So I had to pay out of pocket for my hotel stay and office hours for are from 9am-5pm mon - sat which I arrived Friday at 7pm so I couldn’t even talk to anyone until the following day.


Lucas Horton says

"Their website was issues and the girl who answered the phone was less than helpful, eventually just telling me to try a new airline. I ended up booking the same flights on the carrier's website instead."

Belinda Bitzer says

"Pretty good website. Usually get good deals."

Jeremy Morin says

"Do you have WET panties?"

Lori in Virginia says

"I don't appreciate not knowing about fees and service charges until checkout. I thought these tickets were in my price range, come to find more than 15% tacked on. Had to change plans of how to pay for!"

Aimee Jackson says

"The only show In Vegas, a little pricey for what u get but definitely entertaining."

favian r says

"hotel room was great the service while waiting to check in horrible no customer service skills at all to talk to people"

Patricia Petty says

"No email was sent to conform my reservations"

Sean Ortega says

"Easy to use App, Nice prices."

Robert L Williams says

"Rates were very deceiving as taxes and fees more than tripled the rates first viewed.

A spa fee was added to the rate as well. Final room cost was $62+ per night. First advertised rate was $18."

A. Watkins says

"While the purchase was very easy, the dates that show tickets available are dates when the event is closed due to COVID. I called the hotel to verify the High Roller is closed during the week. So be careful when ordering. I don't know what would have happened had I ordered my tickets on dates it was closed."

Rene Lathrop says

"I bought tickets to David Copperfield. The show got cancelled due to COVID, at first, I thought because the bill was really confusing that they had charged me. I received a very timely voicemail form Maureen that it had been fully refunded. I do think that refunds should be automatic and not require a seperate request to receive them. It seems ridiculous that we have to ask for our money back at all through this program if there's a cancellation."

Shawn Gross says

"I never received my confirmation!"

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